Rewind to the very beginning of Gallery57 it all began with a collection of some 'pretty out there kind of items' which were quite unique in themselves that all started in our local boutique, various sub niches from bohemia inspired collections to contemporary trends such as pop culture to cats.

No boundaries exist in what you and I think are 'cool' and 'unique' so why limit ourselves to the contemporary norms of life? Gallery57 emphasises the different, the black sheep, but in all the free spirits of life, through various articulately selected collections that are guaranteed to wow you! from any formal to casual occasion whether it be apparel to homeware there will always be something that can add your own personal twist or a great gift for a dear friend or family member. From the very first order Gallery57 has been a driving force in its domain of interesting unique contemporary products, providing customers around the globe with a high quality of assurance and unique personalised experiences. 

We are still growing with markets from North America, to Europe and Oceania respresenting an ecosystem of inspired trends capable of capturing your personal persona through all points of your lifestyle and interests, we hope to embrace your uniqueness and rally behind the same flag and empower everyones individuality. We're glad to have to along for the adventure!