Mandala Tapestry 'Elephant 5'

Mandala Tapestry 'Elephant 5'

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★ Overview
Beautifully intricate bohemia designs made from a soft but durable polyester polymer that can be used for various occasions and uses. The Mandala Blanket is a great eye-catcher of art due to its unique boho inspired print designs and colors that contrast flawlessly with its effective color schemes, they can be used as a beach blanket / picnic blanket / rectangular table cloth / yoga blanket / bed cover / wall tapestry / ceiling tapestry / or simply a nice cozy blanket. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination or even as a unique gift for a family member or close friends, it is sure to impress! they are easy to maintain since they are hand washable and only require a quick rinse.


Also available in different variant designs and colors which you can see here!  

★ Materials
• Polyester
★ Size
Option 1: (82.7" x 59") (210cm by 150cm)
Option 2: (59" x 51.2") (150cm by 130cm)


★ Details
Hand Washable
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